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About Japanpage:Sake

On Japanpage:Sake, experts with excellent knowledge of sake and breweries with abundant experience provide must-know information, such as how to select sake, intimate brand stories to share with your friends, useful information for food pairing, and how to select a sake cup that expands the aroma and flavor of sake.

Private or business customers can order their preferred products online. We then purchase the ordered products directly from the brewery and deliver them directly to the customers by small-lot air transportation delivery.

Japanpage:Sake provides an online lump-sum payment procedure whereby customers can pay all the costs (Product price + Shipping cost (Packing + Shipping + Insurance) + Tariffs & Taxes) required to purchase products at once.


Purchase procedure

  • エキスパートの記事を読むRead expert article
    on sake
  • オンラインで商品を選ぶSelect products
  • オンラインで総額を確認するConfirm
    total cost
  • オンラインで決済するPay
  • 小口空輸配送で商品が届くThe ordered products
    arrive by small-lot air transportation delivery

Our service

Sake Insider 記事投稿 Japanpage sake 記事公開 個人 製造業者 日本酒 焼酎 梅酒 ウィスキー 茶 酒器 直接仕入 Japanpage sake 直接配送 レストラン バー,ホテルなど 直接注文 Japanpage sake 直接発注 製造業者 Sake Insider 記事投稿 Japanpage sake 記事公開 個人 製造業者 日本酒 焼酎 梅酒 ウィスキー 茶 酒器 直接仕入 Japanpage sake 直接配送 レストラン バー,ホテルなど 直接注文 Japanpage sake 直接発注 製造業者

Expert information on sake

Experts with qualifications related to Japanese alcoholic beverages, use their in-depth knowledge, abundant experience, and passion, to provide well-selected and exciting information.

View Sake ambassador articles

Specially-selected brands only

“Japanese alcoholic beverages made by award-winning breweries in domestic and international competitions”

Japanpage:Sake does not offer ordinary alcoholic beverages, but rather exquisite ones. Therefore, we set strict rules when selecting products. We only deal with products produced by sake breweries that have won awards in both domestic and international competitions.

Find products

世界的コンクールの受賞酒 世界的コンクールの受賞酒

Award-winning sake in international competitions

Major awards

    • prize

      International Wine Challenge

    • prize

      Kura MasterFrance

    • prize

      London Sake

    • prize

      Sake SelectionBelgium

    • prize

      Sake CompetitionJapan

    • prize

      The Fine SAKE
      Award JapanJapan

    • prize

      Kan Sake AwardsJapan

    • prize

      Lyon International CompetitionU.K.

    • prize

      U.S. National
      Sake AppraisalU.S.A.

    • prize

      Zenkoku-shinshu- kampyokai, National New Sake CompetitionJapan

    • prize

      Junmai Sake CompetitionJapan

    • prize

      National Umeshu CompetitionJapan

Japanpage:Sakeの特徴 Japanpage:Sakeの特徴

Japanpage:Sake features

In general, it is said that small-lot air transportation of Japanese alcoholic beverages is challenging due to expensive air transportation fees, a complicated export process, and a complex fee structure.

However, we have conducted many trials and demonstrations to offer the experience of drinking Japanese alcoholic beverage brands to customers around the world. As a result, we have realized “small-lot air transportation delivery” and “lump-sum payment of costs required for purchase products.”

With a revised “price structure” and “delivery services”, enjoy experiencing Japanese alcoholic beverages brands.

  • 01Sharing ways to enjoy
    sake worldwide

    • 世界中の日本酒のプロが執筆Globally dispersed sake experts provide in-depth information
    • 日本酒基礎、酒蔵秘話、ペアリングの秘訣など「楽しみ方」がぞくぞくInformation on how to enjoy
      sake will be published frequently,
      such as the fundamentals of sake, intimate stories of breweries, and food pairing tips.
    • オンラインのイベントなど開催Holding online events
  • 02Shopping with an unprecedented
    cost structure

    • 日本国内とほぼ同じ商品価格Almost the same price as purchasing the product in Japan
    • 全て空輸(安価な料金)Delivered by air transportation (competitive prices)
    • カートで全ての経費を決済Online lump-sum payment procedure through which customers can pay all the costs required to purchase products at once.
  • 03With the concept of
    “direct,” cross-border EC

    • 購入者から直接受注Direct customer orders
    • 酒蔵から直接仕入れDirect purchases from sake breweries
    • 購入者へ直接配送Direct delivery to customers
  • 04Eliminating customer
    anxiety on cross-border EC

    • 小口空輸配送専用の梱包材Unique packaging materials for international small-lot delivery
    • 50か国への配送実績Proven delivery record to 50 countries
    • 破損・まがり・へこみは保険で対応Damage, bend,
      and dent insurance.