Nanbubijin / 南部美人

Nanbubijin Omachi Junmai-daiginjo (720ml)

南部美人 雄町 純米大吟醸 (720ml) | Sake / 日本酒
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"Nanbubijin Omachi Junmai-daiginjo (720ml)" is a Junmai Daiginjo distilled to 50% using Omachi, one of the four greatest sake rice strains. Omachi is extremely rare, and difficult cultivate; it is distinct for its round clear center, and is melt in your mouth soft, which makes for a rich sake. The chief toji and brewers who have succeeded the refined techniques and traditions of the "Nanbutoji", one of the foremost of Japan's three greatest toji groups, used pure subterranean water from the Oritsume Basenkyo Prefectural Park in Ninohe City, Iwate, and the precious Sake, Omachi, to create a sake that is soft on the pallet, but rich in flavor. The label's design is based on our commitment to creating "Nanbubijin Omachi Junmai-daiginjo (720ml)" with our traditional methods, creating wonderful experiences, improving upon what we have, and the abundance of our sake.

[About "Nanbubijin"]
The name "Nanbubijin" derives from the brewery's passion for "producing beautiful sake" as well as the attributes of Ninohe City of Iwate prefecture, known as the "Southern Country" blessed by magnificent natural landscapes. This beautiful sake is painstakingly brewed using carefully selected ingredients and production techniques and inherits the skills and soul of a world-class brewery.

[Important notes]
We do not sell alcoholic beverages to underage.
We do not deliver this product to the following countries and areas.
Canada, USA, Mexico, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland

4大酒米のひとつ「雄町」を50%まで磨いて醸した純米大吟醸が「南部美人 雄町 純米大吟醸」です。栽培が難しく希少性の高い酒米である雄町は、球状の心白が出現するのが特徴で、米が軟らかで溶けやすく濃醇な味の酒になります。日本三大杜氏の筆頭「南部杜氏」の洗練された技術と伝統を受け継いだ杜氏と蔵人が、岩手県二戸市の県立自然公園・折爪馬仙峡からの清らかな伏流水と貴重な酒米である雄町で醸した酒は、やさしい口当たり、豊かでふくよかな味わいが楽しめる酒です。ラベルのデザインは、当蔵本来の造りで「南部美人 雄町 純米大吟醸」を造り出していくこと、様々な素晴らしい出来事をもたらすこと、あるがままに磨き上げる心、酒のふくよかさをイメージしています。



Size: 80 x 80 x 280 mm

Product: Japanese sake / 日本酒

Prefecture of production: Iwate / 岩手県

Top categories: Sake / 日本酒

Preservation: Keep in a cool and dark place / 冷暗所

Gift box: Without gift box / 化粧箱なし

Sake category: Junmai Daiginjo / 純米大吟醸酒

Season: All season / 通年

Taste positioning: Aromatic sake / 薫酒

Dry / Sweet: Medium sweet / やや甘口

Better temperature to drink: Cold (10℃) / 花冷え, Norma (15 - 20℃) / 常温

Alcohol degree: 16%vol.

Polishing ratio: 50%

Sake Meter Value: -2

Acid level: 1.4

Choice1: sake rice: Omachi / 雄町

Choice2: yeast starter: Sokujo-moto / 速醸系

Choice3: pressing: Filter press / 自動圧搾機

Choice4: charcoal fining: Yes / 濾過

Choice5: dilution: Diluted / 割水あり

Choice6: pasteurisation: Once / 一回火入れ

Choice7: storage: Stored in bottles / 瓶貯蔵

Brand name: Nanbubijin / 南部美人

Vendor name: Nanbubijin sake brewery / 南部美人

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